Five Ways AI Sports Betting Will Change the Game—Forever

Michael Lantz

Mon Nov 06 2023

Everlast boxer squaring up against an opponent.Everlast boxer squaring up against an opponent.

These days, we’re seeing sports betting become more prevalent than ever. As countries across the world continue to legalize and/or loosen restrictions on betting, there’s been an increase in digital sportsbooks and oddsmaking. It seems like every day, a new sportsbook is being advertised on T.V., the internet, or across our social platforms.

To accommodate this growing digital industry, sports betting AI is becoming the future. An overflow of accurate data will help sportsbooks continue to reach new grounds while enhancing customer satisfaction.

Below are five ways on how AI will create a shift in sports betting forever.

Artificial Intelligence in Sports over Human Intelligence

The idea of artificial intelligence replacing human intelligence may make some feel a bit uneasy. But, it’s not all bad: especially when your money is on the line. Sports betting AI already has the stats to show they’re accurately outperforming Vegas oddsmakers.

Infinity Sports AI’s model has already outperformed Vegas oddsmakers over the last two years. When you look at the numbers side by side with Vegas’ metrics you’ll see some impressive numbers in Infinity’s favor:

Even in its earliest stages, the Infinity Sports AI’s platform is already succeeding Vegas in terms of accuracy. As this model and others like it continue to advance, artificial intelligence in sports will continue to win the trust of bettors, making human intelligence more obsolete. 

You can check out all the betting features Infinity Sports AI offers here.

Data Excess

Data, Data, Data: it’s the engine that makes sports betting go. In the 2011 film, Moneyball Ivy-League analysts and quants worked endless hours applying sabermetrics and advanced stats to create a winning formula. Well, now the same work is being done digitally with AI sports betting.

Digital models are working to reach new heights in player performance predictions; you won’t need to hire a Harvard grad to help you. 

Forbes recently gave an in-depth write-up into the ‘Moneyball Evolution’ and how AI and athlete data are shaping the future of sports betting.

Excess data will be applied to both player and team betting lines across all sports. Ultimately resulting in:

Artificial Intelligence Predictions

You’ve probably played sports video games at some point in your life. Whether it’s Madden or NBA2K, you know when you’re in a franchise or dynasty mode, your players often come with a card or some sort of profile. These involve info that not only describes their statistics and physical attributes but their emotional status as well: such as mood and other personality traits. 

Of course, despite these being based on real-life players, these all take place in a fictitious, computer-generated world. 

But, what if we had similar information when judging a player’s performance before and during a game? Artificial Intelligence predictions are attempting to factor in every possible aspect of a player makeup.

The ‘Moneyball Evolution’ isn’t strictly limited to its baseball origins. It’s spanning across all sports, including the NBA, which Infinity Sports AI specializes in. Infinity uses over 200 data points to predict each player’s performance on a given night, with the hopes of applying even more data in the future to give bettors the most meticulous analytics possible.

Real-time Engagement

This is a bit of a “part B” to the above, but AI in sports betting will continue to assist one’s ability to bet in-game. There are a variety of engagement platforms that are dedicated to informing bettors about a stake in real-time. These platforms offer updates on odds, spreads, and game totals, through intelligent messaging; so individuals never have to dig too deep for the data they need.

There are sometimes difficulties when it comes to in-game betting:

No matter what your situation is in the midst of a game, real-time, intelligent messaging will have the data backbone. This will give bettors the confidence they need to make bets on the fly or without extensive research. 

More than just numbers

There’s talk of AI also being able to offer promotions that would be tailored to a bettor’s history. It’s no longer strictly a numbers game; artificial intelligence in sports will bring different forms of media to sports betting, including promotions and ads, to make it a more interactive customer experience. 

So if you’ve been betting on a lot of NBA games, you could receive promotions that involve upcoming games, online shopping, and off-the-court events in the area. Sure, it may seem intrusive, but how often have you been on a social media app and seen an ad that relates to a recent search? Yes, at first it might throw you off, but a lot of time it’ll pique your interest into clicking anyway.

In addition to promotions, AI betting will allow you to follow the trends. You’ll be able to take an even deeper dive into what others are staking on. Especially in live markets as stats will recognize where other individuals’ money is going. Now, you’ll be able to go with the crowd on such things as who will win the game, what the point spread will be, and who’ll score next. 

There are also rumors of AI offering us videos and more interactive interfaces to accommodate all kinds of bettors—and hopefully draw some new ones in along the way. 

Universal Appeal / A New Audience

AI sports betting will turn new audiences onto the industry, thanks to its accessibility, assistance, and accuracy. For example, in the U.S., ever since the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PAPSA) was overturned in late 2018, there has been a boom of states seeking regulated sports wagering. 

Even though only a few states are fully regulated, many more are working to pass legislation and bring new opportunities. According to SportTechie, analysts project that as the decade continues—and more states modify their rules and regulations—that there could be a tenfold in nationwide gross gaming revenue.

That won’t strictly be limited to the U.S.: countries across the world continue to indulge in the sports betting industry. Major sportsbooks have been born in the U.K., Australia, and Eastern Asia. With so many different hands having exposure to sports betting, AI in sport will be a great source of assistance in helping bettors old and new make the most efficient picks. 

Infinity Sports AI brings a specific focus to the NBA, a game that continues to have international influence and marketability. As countries across the world continue to engage in this sport, so will the desire to bet. They’ll want a meticulous program that gives them top data, so they can make a series of picks at any time of day. 

If you’re interested in hearing more about what Infinity Sports AI has to offer, take a look at these various plans.